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Frequently Asked Questions about

Safely Returning to School

What safety measures is CCUSD planning on taking to prevent the spread of the coronavirus when students return to school?
1. Temperature Checks

All TK - 12th-grade CCUSD families will receive a FREE Kinsa Digital Thermometer that connects with the HIPAA compliant Kinsa App.

· Anonymously log and track daily screenings and symptoms so that you can make more informed decisions about when to take your child to the doctor and when to keep them home from school

· Report illness or speak with a school nurse about whether your child should attend school directly through the app


Core Kinsa Thermometer Program benefits:

· Enables all students and staff to meet the daily temperature screening requirement before coming onto campus

· Improves preventative health behaviors and decreases absenteeism

· Nurses can monitor anonymous health trends of the school community to help prevent the spread of acute illnesses

2. Social Distancing Measures

To ensure all students, faculty, and staff maintain a proper social distance, we have:

· Installed sandwich-board signs regarding the use of masks and social distancing

· Plenty of signage available to make pathways of travel clear

· Marked off desks with “do not use” signs to achieve 6 feet of distance between all students

3. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

· Los Angeles County Department of Public Health recently visited, reviewed our safety protocol, and examined our student areas to make sure we had all PPE and protections in place

· The review went very well for our current level of on-campus student support, including assessments for students with disabilities

· We are confident in scoring a similar level of readiness in our final review, in advance of moving to our hybrid model

· PPE and sanitizing supplies have arrived and include masks for staff and students, as well as soap and sanitizer dispensers (both wall-mount and pumps)

· We are also committed to ensuring that everyone knows how and where to access all supplies

4. Handwashing

· Portable handwashing stations have been delivered to each school site

· 5 at each elementary site

· 10-15 at both Culver City High School and Culver City Middle School

5. Air Quality and Safety

All HVAC filters have been replaced ahead of schedule so that they are completely new and unused when students arrive back on campus

· Stand-alone HEPA air filters are in place for the three school offices that don’t have HVAC


We recently allocated $700k for an air-cleaning system to add on to our existing classroom HVAC systems.

· Includes 429 automatic self-cleaning, lightweight Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization systems

· Purifies the air by eliminating airborne particulates, odors, and pathogens.

· Saves 30% on energy consumption

6. Outdoor Space

We are currently demonstrating a site on the Linwood Howe campus that exhibits the potential for both academic and physical educational engagement in the open air.

· Administrators and educators are reviewing and giving feedback on this pilot as the district moves forward in consideration of additional installations for both daily and crisis-level support of our student body

What if someone gets sick?

· We have set up a room at the iAcademy for our current on-campus assessments

· The nurse’s office will be used for assessments at all other school sites

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